Getting Lippy: How To Make Lipstick From Crayons

Yeah, you heard me.

Today we’re making lipstick from crayons.

Now before people start getting confused, recently the FDA has discovered several big-name cosmetic companies have been using lead in their lipsticks. Almost 400 lipsticks were found to contain lead. Lead can cause severe neurological damage and is easily absorbed by skin. Now imagine putting that stuff on the thin skin of your lips.

Yeah, not a great idea is it?

I’ve since thrown all my lipstick away save for my Burt’s Bees lipstains.

I was browsing Tumblr when I came across this video by Miss Toi on YouTube, which outlines how to make lipstick from non-toxic crayons. She uses shea butter and castor oil for hers.

I have adapted her recipe and came up with the recipe I’m sharing with you today! In the pictures of the tutorial I used a little too much oil. I have since adjusted the levels and found what works. You can get the adjusted recipe here!

You’ll need soy or beeswax crayons. I use Prang crayons, but I’ve heard that Melissa & Doug brand Beeswax Crayons work great too. You’ll also need jojoba or olive oil, and a more solid oil like coconut.

Lipstick Tutorial

The lighting at my desk is terrible, I apologize.

Set out your waxes. Figure out which color combinations you want. If you’re just trying this for the first time, I suggest just using a solid color like the red up there. I’m making five different kinds of lipsticks, in all the colors I need. Use only half the whole crayon, as a whole crayon will make the lipstick too hard. For mixing colors, use an eighth or a sixteenth of each color. Use your best judgement.

Lipstick Tutorial

Mix it up good, because it will come out uneven if the pigments don’t mix with the oils very well.

Next, you’ll want a double broiler. Use a pot of water with a bowl inside it, or you can do what I did and use two metal measuring cups so you won’t have to clean a huge bowl. Take an eighth of a teaspoon of your hard oil (I used coconut oil) and put it to melt in the bowl. Add a quarter teaspoon of olive oil, and let warm up. Add in your waxes, and stir until all the pigment is evenly distributed.

Lipstick Tutorial

Be careful when pouring. Steady your arm on the countertop and hold the tube steady if you need to.

Pour the liquid lipstick into your tube. I used old lipstick and lip balm tubes I had laying around. You can buy a bunch of bulk lip balm tubes on Amazon for really cheap, or you can pour them in a pot and use a lip brush with them instead.

Lipstick Tutorial

Here’s my colors! From left to right: Nude, Pink, Berry, Red, Black

Let them cool in the freezer for ten minutes and you’re done! You now have homemade, natural lipstick with no risk of lead. Since crayons are non-toxic you have little risk of poisoning via lead. if it seems too solid for you, try adding more olive oil or subtracting some wax. Play with it, this is just what happened to work for me, and I ended up needing more opacity for the red, berry, and black lipsticks.

Have you ever used an unconventional ingredient to make a cosmetic? Have you made your own cosmetics before? Let me know.

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