The Many Uses of Lemons

Lemons are a pretty special fruit. A member of the citrus family, it has a very sharp, clean scent that is very popular in cleaning. However, that is not the only use of lemon, and I’m going to outline a lot of things you can do with lemon today.


  1. Lemons are a great expectorant for mucus. Mix a half cup of lemon juice with a half cup of honey and add warm water until mixture is warm. Then drink it to help sore throats and chest congestion.
  2. Infuse fresh honey with lemon by pouring honey over lemon slices in a mason jar. Let that sit in a warm place for three days, then stick the whole thing in the refrigerator. Use a spoonful of this (including a slice where possible) in a cup of mint tea whenever you have a throat or chest illness.
  3. Dry the peel and mix with mint to make a sickness-busting herbal infusion. Just steep the mix in hot water and add honey to taste.
  4. Use lemon peels and orange peels after eating! Infuse the fresh peel for a week with white vinegar. Strain from the liquid and use the liquid as a concentrated cleaner around the house.
  5. Lemon juice makes a great natural bleach that won’t ruin your color clothing. Use a half cup in the laundry rinse cycle and it’ll also freshen your clothes.
  6. Lemon peel freshens and absorbs odor wherever you leave them. Empty the meat from half a lemon and fill the lemon half with baking soda. Leave this behind toilets, near shoes in the closet, near garbage bins, under sinks, wherever odor lingers. It lasts for a month at least, and you just replace as necessary.
  7. Dehydrate the peel and grind into a powder. Mix this powder with Epsom or borax salt and baking or washing soda and use as a scouring powder, dish-washing powder, deodorizing powder, or laundry powder.
  8. Lemon oil is naturally antibacterial. Use a few drops in your cooking oils to make them last a little longer and add a light citrus flavor to your cooking.
  9. Lemon oil is the main ingredient in lemon extract. Infuse lemon peels with grain alcohol and some sugar for two or three months and strain to get fresh, homemade lemon extract.
  10. Whenever you use a lemon in your cooking, zest the yellow off the peel and dry or freeze the zest for use in baking and other cooking.
  11. Bugs eating you in the summer months? Rub lemon juice on your skin and mosquitoes won’t touch you. Clean your house with lemon juice and it’ll get rid of ant problems too!
  12. Use lemon juice in henna to activate the powder. Be sure to mix with warm or hot water before blending with the powder.
  13. Use straight lemon juice to cleanse your hair in the shower. Mix with a tea or herbal infusion and pour a cup over your hair. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse completely out with cold water.
  14. Spray lemon juice into your hair and let sit while out in the sun to make blonde hair lighter and less brassy or to lighten dark hair.
  15. Pour baking soda down a clogged drain after removing standing water from it. Pour lemon juice down after it and let the foam sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes. Then flush the drain with hot water to clear. If it still doesn’t work, remove any hair you can and repeat the process.
  16. Mix lemon juice with water and drink every morning to detoxify your body and regulate digestion.

That’s just a list of uses off the top of my head. There’s plenty more where that came from. Do you know of any uses? Let me know!

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